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hollymae1 asked: Do u have snakebites and if u do,how much do they hurt

I don’t personally have snakebites. However, I do have experience with other piercings though (stretched ears, helix, septum, nipples) and I consider myself pretty educated on the subject. First of all, any piercing is going to hurt. But the pain will only last 2 seconds while the needle is going through and then it’s over. If you want the piercing bad enough, it’ll be worth it. With oral piercings, though, you will experienced swelling for the first few days (which is why they pierce you with longer bars). But taking Ibuprofen and sucking on ice should help. Cleaning your piercings with sea salt soaks alcohol free mouthwash is the best way to go. Since this is a facial piercing you may want to consider if this is going to affect your life at home, school, and/or work. Also, if you decide to take them out, you may still have holes/ indentations in your face even after they close up. If that’s all good then go get it! And always be sure to go to reputable shop. Do NOT try to pierce them yourself. Hope this helped c: If I missed any information, feel free to message me.


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